HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Cape Coral - Coral Walk

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I am a private person and when I was asked to sign in, I declined. I said I just want a haircut. I was told to have a seat which I did. I was asked again to sign in. Again I declined. I was told I would go into the computer as “John Doe”. I was escorted to a chair and asked if I wanted my haircut with a scissor or a shears? I said that is up to you, you are the barber. I just want It shorter all over. I told her I had one barber since 1968 and he never asks, he just cuts it. I have had about 4 other cuts over the years from different barbers. She got to work with the scissor and shears. She finally gave me a mirror. I gave it back and asked for a bit more off the front. She did that, slapped a towel on my neck and said you are done. I inserted my card to pay and was charged $19.00. I am grey haired and 71 but I didn’t get the senior rate. My sideburns were not touched. The back of my head was not shaved clean. Nothing was done about the cut hairs left on my head and neck. I must have upset her because I didn’t sign in. She got tipped more than she deserved. This is the worst haircut I’ve gotten since I got a buzz cut from the neighbor when I was 9! Think twice before you go to this place. Not much for being special barbers!

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